Donnerstag, 5. August 2010

[Preview] MAC 'Digi Pops' LE

Und die dritte MAC LE im August.
Sie enthält Glosse (um 19,50€), Lippenstifte (um 18,00€), Eyeshadows (Refills, um 12,50€), eine 4-er Leerpalette (um 7,50€) und 2 Pinselsets (je um 56,00€).

Lip Server

Dazzleglass Shades
  • 'Boys Go Crazy', deep amethyst
  • 'Fabulous Fun', rich magenta
  • 'Hi-Falutin'', light yellow pink
  • 'You got the Look', yellow nectarine
  • 'Glamour OD', bright coral red
  • 'Spanking', rich raspberry pink
  • 'Utterly Posh', mid-tone orange

Dazzle Lipstick Shades
  • 'Liquid Lurex', tarnished gold
  • 'Smash Hit', white beige
  • 'Infused with Glam', copper brown
  • 'Wham', plum brown
  • 'Glaringly Hip', light peach
  • 'Sweet Bits', light lavender pink
  • 'Hot Sass', bright orange
  • 'Win-Win', light pink
  • 'Naughty You', neon pink
  • 'Troublemaker', magenta
  • 'Snazzy', deep plum
  • 'Hellraiser', light lavender
  • 'Baby's on Fire', deep red


Eyeshadow Shades
  • 'White Frost', vivid white with icy shimmer
  • 'Knight Devine', Black with silver pearl
  • 'Deep Truth', true dark blue
  • 'Carbon', intense black
  • 'Tilt', violet with blue green pearl
  • 'Winkle', mid-tone cornflower blue
  • 'Atlantic Blue', bright violet blue
  • 'Contrast', purplish-blue with blue pearl
  • 'Sunny Spot', light acide green yellow
  • 'Lucky', green frosted mid-tone lime
  • 'Steamy', bluish-green with gold pearl
  • 'Club', red-brown with green pearl
  • 'Parfait Amour', blue violet with shimmer
  • 'Trax', burgundy-plum with shimmer
  • 'Vibrant Grape', bright magenta violet
  • 'Sketch', burgundy with red shimmer
  • 'Sweet Lust', pinky rose
  • 'All that Glitters', beige with gold pearl
  • 'Free to Be', bright true coral
  • 'Satin Taupe', taupe with silver shimmer
  • 'Shroom', soft beige with shimmer
  • 'Wedge', soft muted beige taupe
  • 'Expensive Pink', pink with duochrome
  • 'Red Brick', orange red
  • 'Retrospeck', beached blonde
  • 'Goldmine', intense gold with shimmer
  • 'Goldenrod', bright marigold yellow
  • 'Texture', peachy brown with shimmer

Brush Browser

Face-Brushes with 168SE, 187SE, 190SE, 194SE in Brush Roll
Eye-Brushes with 212SE, 219SE, 227SE, 266SE, 275SE in Brush Roll


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